The 7th Malaysian Jazz Piano Festival is happening on the 10th - 12th January 2020!

Being one of the most prominent Jazz Festivals in Malaysia in recent years, be sure to catch spectacular performances by some of the upcoming acts as well as familiar faces in the jazz and music industry.

There will be free workshops conducted by jazz educators during the day time covering specific music instruments and jazz topics. There is also our annual Jazz Talent Competition which sees our local young talents dishing out their jazz chops!

This 3-day festival held at KL PAC, has been getting numerous response from all over the country (and outside too) in the past, so block out your plans over that weekend and we'll see you there!

CONCERTS 8pm onwards
10th January
UPM Band
UCSI Contemporary Ensemble
Northern Jazz Unit
UiTM Jazz Ensemble

11th January
Mini BBoP
JO featuring Neon Blue
The Frankie Sixes

12th January
Competition Winner
Toro Cheng Group
WVC & Rizal Tony
Tay Cher Siang & Michael Veerapen Duo
Tay Cher Siang & Julian Chan duo
Julian Chan Jazz Orchestra
Jam Session

Concert tickets are priced at RM85 for each night
Three nights are packaged at RM250
(Concession will be RM50 per night and RM125 for three nights)

(all clinics are free admission!)
Friday 10th January 2020
Developing Piano Technique Mei Lin Hii | 2-3:30pm | Pentas 2

Advanced Jazz Piano Voicings Justin Lim | 4-5:30pm | Indicine
Introduces the uses of chord extensions a.k.a "tensions" to create complex harmony.

Saturday 11th January 2020
Saxophone Clinic Julian Chan | 11am-12:30pm | Studio 9

Reharmonization Techniques Ch'ng Wee Lern | 11am-12:30pm | Indicine
Wee Lern walks through the steps of altering the chord progressions of 2 well-known jazz standards.
This workshop is catered for musicians with intermediate to advanced knowledge in jazz harmony, but is open to everyone.

Guitar Clinic Wan Gigi | 2-3:30pm | Indicine
What does it take to be a session guitarist? Wan Gigi shares his thoughts.

The "Electric" Trumpet Eddie Wen | 2-3:30pm | Studio 9
Eddie Wen shares tips on performing the trumpet in creative ways with the use of outboard effects.

Sunday 12th January 2020
Composing to Become a Better Musician Tay Cher Siang | 11am-12:30pm | Indicine
Practicing, copying licks, playing with others are all essentials in becoming a jazz musician. Put on that composer hat to step up your game! Tay Cher Siang will share his experience in composing and leading the WVC Malaysian Jazz Ensemble.

Bass Clinic Fly Halizor | 11am-12:30pm | Pentas 2

Drum Clinic John Thomas | 2-3:30pm | Pentas 2

FORUM Directing Music featuring Genervie Kam, Dato Mustafa Fuzer Nawi, Roslan Aziz and Michael Veerapen | 4-5:30pm | Pentas 2
The success of every live musical performance is guided by a music director. Four highly-accomplished music directors share their leadership experiences.